New Filing Options for your Tax Forms

We've added more options for you to file your tax forms in Taxumo

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We're all busy trying to comply with our due taxes every deadline. And although Taxumo loves to take the bulk of the work, some of you may be more comfortable to do some things yourselves. If you've attempted to file a tax form recently, you may have noticed this new feature in Taxumo that allows you to choose the best tax filing service for you.

  1. Prepare Only

  2. Prepare & File

  3. Do Everything (Recommended)

Prepare Only

With this option, Taxumo will compute and prepare your tax form for you. This may be useful if you missed Taxumo's submission/payment deadline -- you can still file the forms & attachments and remit the payment yourself before the BIR deadline to avoid paying any BIR penalties. Once you have selected this option in Taxumo, you will have to do the following remaining steps on your own:

  1. Download your computed tax form from Taxumo.

  2. File your form through BIR's eBIRForms app.

  3. If applicable, prepare & submit your attachments using the BIR's tools. You may need to email these attachments to

  4. Wait for the BIR Confirmation email/s.

  5. Print three (3) copies of your computed form along with the relevant attachments.

  6. Go to the Authorized Agent Banks (AABs) of your RDO.

  7. At your appropriate AAB, present your form, confirmations, & attachments and pay your tax dues.

  8. Receive your stamped form.

Prepare & File

If you have ZERO dues or a negative due amount...

This will be the only option available if you don't have to pay anything. Since Taxumo is eTSP certified, all our forms are considered virtually stamped. If you're not filing for your Annual ITR, there's no need to go to your RDO to settle anything and your filing is considered done. For those who are filing for their Annual ITR, you will still need to submit your attachments through the eAFS portal. You can learn more about filing your attachments here: Submission of Attachments via the eAFS Submission Portal.

If your filing has a payable...

With this option, Taxumo will prepare and submit your tax form for you including the preparation of your relevant attachments. Once you've received the BIR Confirmation Emails from Taxumo, you can proceed with paying your tax dues through the following steps:

  1. Wait for Taxumo's verification of your filing and attachments (if applicable).

  2. Print three (3) copies of your form, the confirmations, and the attachments. You can get these from Taxumo.

  3. If there is no tax due, then you are done! However, if you have some dues that you have to pay, proceed to Step 4.

  4. Go to the Authorized Agent Banks (AABs) of your RDO.

  5. At your appropriate AAB, present your forms, confirmations, & attachments and pay your tax dues.

  6. Receive your stamped form from the bank.

Do Everything Recommended

With this option, all of those steps above will be done by Taxumo electronically such as submitting your form, preparing and verifying your attachment, and remitting your tax payment. No need to go out (there's still the pandemic outside!) to settle your taxes.

This is a much easier option that we recommend to our users. This way, you can ease your worries and hassle on tax compliance and focus more on your business or profession.

***Note that for Annual ITR filings, you will have to submit the attachments yourself using the BIR's eAFS Portal. To understand how to do that easily via Taxumo, you may refer to this article: Submission of Attachments via the eAFS Submission Portal

***If you still want a stamped form, you may still have the forms stamped by your RDO. You can read this article for more details: How can I get a stamped form?

Whichever service you choose, Taxumo will do them for you without any additional charges. These options are available to our users whichever subscription they may have availed.

If you have any questions or clarifications, you can reach out to us through our Intercom Chat bubble located on the lower-right corner of every page or through

Thank you for choosing to #taxiteasy with Taxumo!

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