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[Upcoming] Generating your own Attachments (SAWT, QAP, SLSP)
[Upcoming] Generating your own Attachments (SAWT, QAP, SLSP)
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Taxumo is always looking for ways to make tax compliance process easier. And recently, we have released a new feature that allows our users to generate their attachments on their own. But what exactly are attachments and how do you generate them in Taxumo?

What are attachments?

If you're familiar with the whole tax compliance process, you'd be aware of these three (3) attachments that you need to submit to Summary Alphalist of Withholding Tax (SAWT), Quarterly Alphabetical List of Payees (QAP), and Summary List of Sales and Purchases (SLSP).

The Summary Alphalist of Withholding Tax (SAWT) is an attachment that must be submitted when you filed for your 1701/1701A (Annual Income Tax Return), 1701Q (Quarterly Income Tax Return), 2550Q (Quarterly VAT Return), and/or 2551Q (Quarterly Percentage Tax Return). It is a summarized list of all creditable withholding tax you want to claim for the specified period.

The Quarterly Alphabetical List of Payees (QAP) is an attachment that must be submitted after filing your 1601EQ (Quarterly Remittance Return of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld (Expanded)).

The Summary List of Sales and Purchases (SLSP) is an attachment that must be submitted once you filed for your 2550Q (Quarterly VAT Return), for all taxpayers whose gross annual income reaches three (3) million pesos and above.

Normally, we would upload these attachments this to your tax filing cards. But because we place importance on giving our users freedom and independence on your time and schedule, you can generate these attachments on your own now.

How do I generate attachments in Taxumo?

To be able to generate your own attachments, you must enable this feature first in your Settings by clicking on the Accountant's View toggle.

Once clicked, the Attachments module with SAWT, QAP, and SLSP will appear on the left-side menu. The only tab available for now is the SLSP tab; independent generation for SAWT and QAP will come afterwards by 2022.

If you wish to generate an attachment, choose the period you wish to file it for and click File Attachment.

We will then show you a pre-submission page that shows you the summary of your attachment. There are also two (2) filing options to choose from: Prepare Only or Prepare and Submit.

Prepare Only will trigger only the generation of the attachment. You will still have to email the attachment to yourself. This is a helpful option if you want to review the attachment on your own first or if you want to choose when you will submit it. Prepare and Submit will both generate the attachment and have our team submit it to eSubmissions.

The way we charge for Attachments is a different process than our usual. You are free to check out the Attachments module on a free account and it is not locked. Instead of a subscription plan, you can generate attachments by topping up credits. You can check out this article to know more on how you can buy Taxumo Credits.

And that's it! You now have greater freedom on filing for your attachments. As we our a DIY tax filing platform, we believe that our users have the right to be aware of their whole tax compliance journey. This is also something that we offer to accountants in the hopes of easing their burden on attachments generation.

If you have any inquiries about this feature, don't hesitate to reach out to our team via the chat bubble on the bottom-right corner of the screen or sending us an email at

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