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Everything you need to know about Taxumo Credits
Everything you need to know about Taxumo Credits
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As you may have noticed, we have recently launched a new feature in our platform that allows our users to generate their attachments on their own. Unlike our usual process, the Attachments module is not locked by a subscription plan; users can access it freely even without one.

This time, we are taking a different approach by requiring credits for each attachment generation.

What are Taxumo Credits?

Taxumo Credits is basically like your own virtual wallet within Taxumo. It is a prepaid option that you can use to pay for every attachment you want to generate. Please note that these credits can only be used to pay for attachments generation and may not be used to pay for your subscription plan or for your tax dues. You can pay for these using any of these methods.

How can I purchase Taxumo Credits?

Similar to how you would load up your GrabPay wallet, you can purchase Taxumo Credits by topping up certain amounts. Simply go to the Purchase Credits tab in your Taxumo account and choose whichever amount you want.

Paying for your credits will follow the usual payment process in our platform, by using any of these payment methods. Once paid, voila! You now have Credits in your Taxumo account and can now use them to pay for your attachments generation.

If you have any inquiries about this feature, you can reach out to us via Intercom or by sending us an email at

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