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My card payment failed, why?
My card payment failed, why?
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Have you tried to pay for your subscription to Taxumo and the transaction failed?

Here are the list of reasons on why you may have gotten to this sticky situation:

  • Incorrect card number

  • Incorrect CVV/CVC

  • Incorrect 3DS security password

  • (For credit cards) Limit exceeded

  • Insufficient balance - Our system will make a temporary charge of P10.00 on your card to verify it. This is for authorization purposes only and the amount will be returned to your card.

Aside from those, these are the other considerations you may have to confirm:

  • Your card's issuing bank is located in a different country that where Taxumo is located (Philippines).

  • Your card's issuing bak may have put a temporary hold on your card.

  • The purchase session may have been locked due to multiple denied payments.

If you think any of those are true, you can then do the following:

  • Contact your bank to explain that you are trying to make a process a payment and ask them to allow the transaction.

  • Try again at a later time. The issuing bank may have only put a temporary hold on your card.

  • Use an alternative debit/fcredit card

Should you feel the need to secure the subscription urgently, contact and ask for a Billing Statement so you can deposit/fund transfer to our corporate account for manual activation of your subscription.

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