How to merge your attachments to a single file (Windows or Mac)

This is a user guide in relation to your submission of attachments through the eAFS portal, either using Windows or Mac OS.

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You're finally done filing for your ITR! But the compliance process doesn't end there, you will still have to submit your attachments to the BIR's eAFS submission portal. This is something you'll have to do on your own. But no worries - Taxumo is here to guide every step of the way.

If you are reading this user guide coming from our Submission of Attachments via the eAFS Submission Portal, then you already know how to download your relevant attachments prepared for you by Taxumo. If not, we suggest that you go through that user guide first before going through this one.

This guide has the following topics:

How to Convert your Image Files into the PDF Format (Windows)

As you may have noticed, some of the files in Taxumo are in PDF format, and some are in image format (PNG or JPEG files). The only valid file format for upload in eAFS is PDF. Because of this, we will need to learn how we can convert those image files into a PDF file.

Convert your image files into a PDF File.

1. Make sure you have a PDF Printer. A PDF Printer allows you to use your computer’s print command to turn any image or document into a PDF file. If you have "Microsoft Print to PDF" or a similar "print to PDF" option in your printer list, then you are good! Otherwise, download and install a 3rd party PDF Printer. If you're using a Windows computer, we recommend CutePDF. You can download CutePDF from

2. OPEN the image you want to convert and click on the Printer icon or use the Print command of your image viewer.

3. Select your PDF Printer or CutePDF as your printer from the drop-down and click on PRINT.

4. Choose the location/folder, type the name of the file you'd like to convert, and click SAVE.

5. Go to the folder where you saved your PDF. It should be properly converted.

Repeat these steps for any image file that you want to convert into a PDF.

How to Convert your Image Files into the PDF Format (Mac version)

As mentioned above, the only format accepted in the eAFS portal is in PDF and some of the Taxumo files you'll need are in image format. It's pretty easy to convert file formats in Mac and it doesn't require new software to be installed.

1. In your Mac folder, open the file you want to convert into PDF.

2. Once selected, the image will be opened in your Preview app. Once there, select File and then Export.

3. In the Export settings, choose Format and then from the drop-down choose PDF.

And there you go, your file is now converted to the PDF format.

How to Compile Multiple PDFs into a Single PDF File Windows version)

Now that you've converted your attachments to PDF, let's learn how you can compile them into a single PDF.

If you're using a Windows computer, we suggest using the free and open-source merger called PDFSam Basic ᵃ. Follow these simple steps to compile your files using PDFSam Basic:

1. Open the PDFSam Basic Application and Select Merge from the dashboard.

2. Select the files that you would like to compile into a single PDF by dragging the files into the upload area or clicking the ADD button on the upper left part of the screen.

3. Click on RUN on the bottom left part of the screen to start merging the files.

4. Click on OPEN to view the merged PDF.

How to Compile Multiple PDFs into a Single PDF File (Mac version)

Compiling multiple PDFs into a single file is easier in Mac. Again, all these will be done in the Preview app.

1. In your Mac folder, open both PDF files and place them side by side in your screen.

2. The Preview app doesn't usually show thumbnails for single images or files. But in order to merge two files, you need to configure the settings a bit to show the thumbnail - as shown below.

3. Once you see the thumbnails of both files, drag a thumbnail to another file. Once you see that green + bubble, it means that certain image or page of the file is being dragged and merged to the next file.

4. Once you've merged all necessary files into one, you can now save the file.

Easy as that!

Now that you're done compiling your files, you can now rename them into the accepted naming convention and submit them to the eAFS portal - the steps of which are already in the article Submission of Attachments via the eAFS Portal.


ᵃ Taxumo has tested and tried out these recommended software applications and have verified that they are legitimate. Taxumo is in no way liable for any damage or loss incurred due to use of these software applications.

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