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My credit/debit card was charged twice for the same transaction!
My credit/debit card was charged twice for the same transaction!

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This usually happens when a user presses back or refresh during the payment processing steps.

When this happens,  contact us at and we'll see how we can help!

We'll immediately check the respective payment portal to see what happened. Based on what we see, the next steps may vary:

(1) If we see that there are 2 identical transactions made, then we can initiate a "void & refund" on the duplicate transaction. For credit cards, the charges are usually reversed in 24-48 hours. For debit cards, the refunds usually take much longer -- around 30-45 days.

(2) If we see only one transaction made (no duplicate on our end), this means, unfortunately, that Taxumo can't do anything about it - we don't have a record of the transaction and we don't own the card to initiate a dispute for you. The best course of action would be to call your debit/credit card company and dispute the duplicate charge. Communication failures and incorrect charges do happen not just in online payments but also in local POS payments - this is why a dispute process is made available by your card issuer. Fortunately, they happen quite rarely.

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