Now that you have the Taxumo Books of Accounts (BoA) available to you, you can use it either as a reference, copy the entries as they appear into your books of accounts, or you can directly have your Taxumo BoA accredited as your official "Looseleaf" BoA.

To get accredit, here's what you do:

Step 1: Fill out BIR Form 1900 and print out the 4 Books of Accounts reports from Taxumo

Step 2: Submit your Form 1900, together with your Certificate of Registration (COR), Letter of Intent, and printed Taxumo PRO reports for the 4 books to your BIR RDO officer.

Step 3: Wait for 4 to 6 weeks (or more... it really depends on how fast can the BIR office in the Revenue District Office can check and approve your application) for the approval and release of the "Permit-To-Use (PTU) Loose Leaf" from the BIR. Once approved, you're done!

*Note that if you're registered in Metro Manila, we can also do this for you! Just send us a note at with your name, TIN, and City/RDO, so that we could start the process.

If you want to understand how a Looseleaf BoA is different from a normal / manual Books of Accounts, please read this article: How is the Looseleaf Books of Accounts different from a "Normal" Books of Accounts

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