We'll be presenting it as a simple flowchart that should help you determine which form you should file for your Annual Income Tax Return. Note that all these questions pertain to the year for which you want to file. If you're filing for this April 2019 deadline, then the questions would be about 2018.

Form 1700: we have that service available for P4,500. Just send us a note if you're interested (via our chat button or email us at form1700@taxumo.com) and we'll get the ball rolling.

Form 1701A: You can already file directly via Taxumo! You can read the following articles for more help on that:
How to File 1701A for New Users
How to File 1701A for Existing Users

Form 1701: You may also use Taxumo to file this!
How to file 1701 in Taxumo

Hope that helps!

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