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Can I file my Annual Income Tax Return via Taxumo?
Can I file my Annual Income Tax Return via Taxumo?
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As of writing this article, you can already file Annual Income Tax via Taxumo IF you are (1) earning purely from your business/profession AND (2) either using OSD or the 8% Tax Rate. The form used is called Form 1701A. You can learn more about how to file 1701Q by reading the following articles:
โ€‹How to file 1701A for New Users
โ€‹How to file 1701A for Existing Users

Now, if (1) some of your income comes from employment OR (2) you are using the Itemized deduction method, the BIR has just recently released the updated forms for these. We are currently in the process of deploying this on our site. To secure a slot in Taxumo's processing for those forms, you can follow the instructions listed here: File and Pay your Income Tax Return for 2018 (1701) via Taxumo

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