When you use any subscription plan from Taxumo, you will have access to the Books of Accounts view. This is what you can use to apply for loose leaf accreditation.

This means that you no longer need to write down countless transactions on your books, journals, and ledgers. Once you have your Permit-To-Use Form, all you need to do is to make sure that you have your income and expenses updated and inputted in your Taxumo account.

Loose Leaf Accreditation Process:

Step 1:
Prepare the following requirements

  • Photo of your COR

  • Filled out Letter of Intent

  • Filled out Form 1900

  • 1-month sample report of each of your books (4 books total for Non-VAT)

Step 2: Visit your RDO and submit all of your requirements.

Step 3: Wait for 6 weeks or more (honestly though, this may take months since this depends on the availability of the BIR RDO officer) for the approval and release of the Permit-To-Use (PTU) Loose Leaf from the BIR. Once approved, you're done!

If you're from Metro Manila, you're in luck! We'll take care of Steps 2 and 3 for you. Processing fee for this is at Php 4000 VAT exclusive. 

Just send us a note at customercare@taxumo.com with your Full Name, TIN, and City/RDO, so that we could assist you.

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