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What does the submission's status mean?

Unpaid --> In Progress --> Submitted

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Your submission's status tells you what is the current status of your tax filing:

This means that the form is currently unpaid. This happens if you choose Online Banking, Bank OTC, or Non-Bank OTC as your payment option. This form is basically still waiting for confirmation from Dragonpay that your payment has been made. Once payment has been made, your form's status automatically changes to QUEUED.
While your form is in this status, you can cancel your filing. However, when you do, make sure that you do not proceed with the payment. If you proceed to paying a a cancelled tax form, your payment will not reach Taxumo.

This means that you're all done. Next steps are with us. Taxumo will be processing the forms in batches to make sure that we don't "clog the pipes" of BIR, so to speak. Rest assured that your filing will be completed on or (more likely) before the tax deadline. From this status onward, you can print a copy of the form by clicking on your submission and selecting "View Form"

Your form was cancelled. This is due to some erroneous filings that you asked Taxumo to ignore. If you feel any form was cancelled incorrectly, do reach out to us and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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