Why can't I file my tax forms yet?
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Excited to file your taxes? You may have noticed that your tax card is not yet available for filing. There are two (2) reasons for this:

1. The period covering the return is currently on-going.

This means that your period of your tax filing is not yet over. For example: If the form you are trying to file is the Quarterly Income Tax (1702Q) for Quarter 2, then you will be able to file this form after the month of June when Quarter 2 period has passed.

2. The deadline is not yet the current month.

To help BIR process filings more efficiently, we fixed the scheduling and workflow from our end.

So for your tax cards, this means that if the deadline of the form is due the next month, then its filing period will also be open during that month. For example: If you see a tax card that is due on May but it is still April, you will be able to file that form starting May 1st.

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