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Taxumo Referral Program
Terms and conditions: Referral Program
Terms and conditions: Referral Program
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By taking part in Taxumo's Referral Program, you agree to the following terms and conditions (the “Terms”). Please ensure that you read them carefully before sharing your unique referral code.

The Terms are a legal agreement between Taxumo, a company registered in the Philippines (“Taxumo”, “our”,“we”, “us”) and You (the "Referrer", “you” ). Any violation of these Terms may result in the suspension or termination of your rights to be an Affiliate.


Taxumo users, regardless of their subscription status, will be provided with a unique code that they can share with their network. Referral codes can be shared via email, social media, SMS, videos, and your personal website or blog.

You may not use Taxumo in any form of spam messaging. We may terminate your rights as a Referrer if we receive any spam complaints resulting from marketing activities where you mentioned Taxumo’s name, products, or services.

In addition, you will not misrepresent or claim that you’ve developed Taxumo or that you are a part of our internal team.


Using a referral code to make a purchase entitles users to a 5% discount in the form of credits upon subscription or renewal of their subscription.

  • The referral code discount only applies to first-time subscribers of Taxumo.

  • The referral code discount can be applied on the first subscription of the customer. If the customer chooses not to apply the discount on their first subscription, they may use it when renewing their subscription.

    • Customers who will avail the monthly or quarterly subscriptions are encouraged to use the referral code discount on their first purchase of subscription since the discount will not be automatically applied on the first automatic renewal of the subscription.

    • Customers who will avail the annual or 2 year subscriptions may use the discount on the first renewal of the subscription since they have to manually renew their subscription.

  • Only one referral code will be used. When the customer input a referral code during signup and input another referral code at the subscription checkout, the most recent referral code will be used.

  • The referral code may be used for the 8%, Micro and SMB plan. This cannot be used to purchase Taxumo Lifeline or the other products of Taxumo (Consult, etc.)

  • The referral code discount cannot be used in conjunction with other Taxumo promo codes.


For a sale / transaction to generate commissions for a referrer, the customer must input the unique referral code at either:

  • Signup Page

  • Subscription Checkout Page during the purchasing of a subscription plan.

Each successful referral will give the referrer in-app credits of 500 Taxumo credits, which can be used to purchase a subscription plan.

Commissions are received in the form of in-app credits, reflected 10 business days after every successful referral.

All in-app credits cannot be withdrawn as cash.


Taxumo reserves the right to update and change the Terms at our sole discretion. Any changes to the program include but are not limited to the release of new features, the scope of commissions, payment procedures, and our affiliate program rules.

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