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Taxumo now accepts cryptocurrency for payments!
Taxumo now accepts cryptocurrency for payments!
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For those who dabbled in cryptocurrency investment, we have good news for you! You can now pay for your tax dues or your Taxumo subscription using cryptocurrency. 🥳

Once you checkout, you can find "Cryptocurrency" as one of the payment methods listed. We offer this payment option in partnership with DragonPay through Triple A.

When you select this option, it will redirect you to Triple A's screen where you can choose which cryptocurrency you'd like to pay with. It currently offers Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT) options.

Simply select the cryptocurrency you want to pay with. The next screen will then ask you to input your Full Name as stated in your passport or ID card.

Upon proceeding, the billing summary will show the Peso amount we are billing and its equivalent amount in whichever cryptocurrency you selected.

Note: The conversion rate will be shown on the bottom of the screen, which is locked for 25 minutes and will not be affected with any page refresh as the session is retained.

Currently, this payment method is available for payment transactions that are less than P100,000.00. It will automatically be disabled if your tax payable is more than this amount.

Please also note that Taxumo is not included in the process of converting cryptocurrency. We bill in Peso and receive your payment as it is already converted to Peso. The conversion process is handled by DragonPay and Triple A. For any inquiries about the conversion rate, you may send a ticket to Dragon here.

To learn more about how DragonPay handles these crypto payments, you can read through their article here.

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