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[Upcoming] Filing options for Attachments
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You may have noticed that you can now generate your SLSP attachment through Taxumo. Just like our standard filing options for tax forms, we offer the same freedom to our users for their attachments:

  1. Prepare Only

  2. Prepare and File

Prepare Only

With this option, Taxumo will only generate your attachment for you. This may be useful if your company has certain processes on how you submit your attachments to the BIR. We will prepare your attachment for you and you will have to submit it to BIR on your own.

Prepare and File

This is our recommended option. When you select Prepare and File, Taxumo will generate the attachment and submit it to the BIR. No need for you to do anything - Taxumo will do everything for you through the easy click of a button.

This is a much easier option that we recommend to our users. This way, you can ease your worries and hassle on tax compliance and focus more on your business or profession.

Note: Currently, Taxumo only offers generation of SLSP attachments. QAP and SAWT will be added on 2022.

If you have any questions or clarifications, you can reach out to us through our Intercom Chat bubble located on the lower-right corner of every page or through

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