How do I file a 1601-C form?
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First off, what does 1601-C pertain to? If you may have forgotten, it refers to the Monthly Remittance Return of Income Taxes Withheld on Compensation.

This form is simply found under our tab labelled Tax Dues . Here's what it would look like on your screen:

If you want to read more about this form via the original source, you can head here!

Now that you know what it means and where it's from, what are some things to remember when we actually use it?

  • The Tax Due Amount seen on the 1601-C card is the summation of all withheld taxes on compensation for all salary expenses entered in the Compensation tab

    • So if you want to know how much withheld tax is there per employee, you can check per salary expense in the Compensation tab

A common question that we also get from some of our users: "What if we pay our employees semi-monthly or every 2 weeks? Will the withholding tax still be computed correctly?"

Yes, it will! Take note that each time a salary is given, you should input it as a salary expense under the Compensation tab. So it follows that if you release salaries semi-monthly, then that's two salary expenses in the Compensation tab per employee. Additionally, you should categorize each salary expense as semi-monthly!

To help you further visualize, here's an example: User X releases salaries every 15th and 30th of the month for Employees A and B. Here's what it would look like under the Compensation tab:

  • 1 salary expense on the 15th for Employee A

  • 1 salary expense on the 30th for Employee A

  • 1 salary expense on the 15th for Employee B

  • 1 salary expense on the 30th for Employee B

This happens because, by definition, each salary that is released is considered an expense to the business.

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