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I need to amend my Annual ITR, how do I do this?
I need to amend my Annual ITR, how do I do this?

This is an article on how you can amend your filed Annual ITR within Taxumo.

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With the pandemic going on and the newly imposed lockdown in our country, most of us were probably hoping for the BIR to extend the deadline for the 2020 Annual ITR this year. Only to read the announcement that the deadline will push through as usual. 🥲

Although many of us were probably heartbroken by that announcement (and maybe also slightly panicking with it being announced so near the deadline), the BIR has relented a little bit and provided a compromise: we can file amendments to our filed Annual ITR with no penalties up to May 15 (May 11 on Taxumo).

With that in mind, filing your amendments is easy-peasy in Taxumo.

But first, when do you need to file amendments?

  1. You need to add a new income or expense in your Cashflow.

  2. You need to add a new Certificate of Withheld Tax (2307) from your client.

  3. You need to add more details from such as employment income to your filing.

  4. You need to update/edit some numbers in your Annual ITR filing.

When you do enter a new income or expense or when you enter a new WHT entry, the tax card for 1701/1701A will automatically appear telling you that you MAY need to file an amendment. Simply click that tax card in your Tax Dues view and you're all set. Otherwise, you can always click on these links to take you to the amendment filing:

Now Taxumo will, by default, put a penalty calculation. As long as you're filing your amendment before May 11, 2021 11:59PM (PHT), you can remove those penalties by unchecking this checkbox:

That's pretty easy, isn't it? So now, you don't have to worry about filing your amendments or even wonder if you have to file one. We'll automatically tell you if you need one and re-calculate the amount.

Don't forget that if you filed an amendment for your Annual ITR, you also need to file again the attachments for that amendment. The deadline for the submission of attachments for amendments is before May 30, 2021. To know more on how to file your attachments, you can refer to this article: Submission of Attachments via the eAFS Submission Portal.

IMPORTANT: Taxumo's deadline is always earlier than BIR's. If you want us to compute, file, and remit any payment for you, please submit your amendments through us before May 11, 2021 11:59PM (PHT). Otherwise, it will be considered a late filing and a penalty will be imposed. If you didn't reach our deadline and want to avoid the penalty, you can opt to use a different Taxumo filing option. Read more about the different filing options here: New Filing Options for your Tax Forms.

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