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What TIN should I use when I have clients from abroad?
What TIN should I use when I have clients from abroad?

This article is to determine what TIN you should input when adding Cashflow entries from international clients.

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I am an individual with international clients, so they don’t have a Philippine TIN or Tax Identification Number. What should I input in my cashflow entries?

As a VAT entity, (in your Taxumo Cash Flow tab) you are required to enter the Tax Identification Number (TIN) and the Address of your client. If you have a Client that doesn’t have a Philippine TIN, what some of our other Clients do is they use a TIN placeholder which is, 000-000-000-000.

This TIN placeholder will enable you to submit your entry and be seen in your Cashflow Entry Tab. It would be highly advisable to keep physical and soft copies of supporting documents, too, of the transaction just in case you are audited by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

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