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Introducing Taxumo Lifeline
Introducing Taxumo Lifeline
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What is Taxumo Lifeline?

Taxumo Lifeline is a new product that helps individual taxpayers and small business owners who don't expect to receive any revenue for the year to maintain their tax filings.

With Taxumo Lifeline, users may automate their monthly, quarterly, and annual filing with zero income and expense.

How do I access Taxumo Lifeline?

To access Taxumo Lifeline, just go to the Tax Dues then click on Automated Zero Filing.

How much does Taxumo Lifeline cost?

Taxumo Lifeline is available for ₱200/month (billed annually) which includes access to the following forms:

  • Percentage Tax (2551Q)

  • Income Tax (1701Q,1701A/1701,1702Q,1702RT)

  • 2nd Annual ITR Payment (0605)

  • Expanded Withholding Tax (0619E, 1601EQ, 1604E)

  • Withholding Tax on Compensation (1601C,1604C)

  • Value Added Tax (2550M, 2550Q)

The subscription includes Books of Accounts and Delegates Access.

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