Note: This article pertains to filings done ON OR BEFORE the April 15th deadline of the BIR for Annual ITR. If you're filing was done AFTER the deadline (late filing), please proceed to this article instead.

Congratulations! After choosing the "Prepare Only" option in Taxumo, you now have access to the filled out income tax form and, if applicable to you, any additional attachments that you have to submit.

Your next steps now are:

Step 1: Download the eBIRForms application from the BIR website. Note that the eBIRForms application only runs on Windows so if you're on Mac... you may have to call a friend and ask to borrow a computer.

Step 2: Fill out the appropriate form in eBIRForms.

  • If you are filing a Form 1701A, choose the 1701A form.
  • If you are filing a Form 1701, choose the 1701v2018 form.

Step 3: Use the form generated by Taxumo as your basis for the form entries. Copy as is and, if you see anything that needs to be corrected, go ahead and correct it. If you made a mistake entering your TIN in Taxumo, for example, you can easily change your entry in your eBIRForms.

Step 4: Submit the form through eBIRForms. Once submitted, you should, in a few hours at most, get the confirmation from BIR that they have received the form. Print out 3 copies of this confirmation email - this is included in your submission.

CHECK: If you have any 2307's that you received from your clients, then please proceed to Step 5. Otherwise, proceed to Step 8.

Step 5: Download the Alphalist Validation Module from the BIR website.

Step 6: Use the application and enter the details of your 2307. When you're done, generate the DAT files that you'll need to submit to the BIR.

Step 7: Email those DAT files to -- you'll receive a confirmation email as well (after a few hours) from the BIR that they received your filing.

Step 8: Compile all your documents for the submission:

  • 3 copies of the form generated by Taxumo. Include any additional sheets/attachments created.
  • 3 copies of the email confirmation receipt from the BIR.
  • 3 copies of EACH Form 2307 that you received (if any).
  • 3 copies of EACH Form 2316 that you received (if any).
  • If applicable, also include any supporting documentation that prove that you are under an exempt/special tax regimes (e.g BMBE, etc). To be clear, the 8% Flat Income Tax Rate is NOT a special/exempt tax regime so no need for any special documentation.
  • If your Annual Gross Income exceeded Php 3 Million for the whole year, then you are required to submit an audited financial statement. You can read more about that here.

Step 9. If you have an amount payable, then you submit your documents along with the payment to your RDO's AAB (Authorized Agent Bank). They'll stamp all copies, and give you one set for your records.

If the amount payable is zero or the amount payable has a negative number, you submit your documents to the RDO directly. Having said that, we've seen that some RDO's don't accept the hard copies -- best to call up your RDO so you're sure you're not wasting your time.

Step 10. Congratulate yourself! You're done! :)

PS. You have until April 15 to submit your documents and pay at the bank. Any later and you'll incur penalties! If you're late, please follow the instructions on this article instead.

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