How to renew my Certificate of Registration?

How to renew my Certificate of Registration via Taxumo

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Here are the Steps to Renew Your COR via Taxumo: 

If you already have an existing Taxumo account, all you need to do is activate the 0605 Form on your company profile. To do this, simply follow the steps listed below.

1. Go to your company profile.
2. Scroll down until you see the forms that you need to file.
3. Check on the 0605 form and click the save changes button. 

4. Go to your account dashboard and click on the FILE NOW button

5. Fill-up the form details:
     For Return Date, enter Dec 31, 2019.
     For Taxpayer Classification, enter Individual if you are a sole prop or professional OR enter Non-Individual for Partnerships/Corporations.

Click on PROCEED once done.

6.  Once you verify the details presented, click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT:

6. Choose your preferred payment method and click on the Pay Now button.

7. Follow the instructions on your chosen payment gateway.

8. That’s it! You’re done. 

If you're a new user and you just want to pay for your Certificate of Registration, all you need to do is 

  1. Complete the sign-up process and choose the renew your business registration option on choose your form page.

  2. Fill-up the details found on the form

  3. Choose your payment method

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