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The previous Taxumo PRO just serves as a guide you could easily copy and write into your manual books of accounts. The new Taxumo PRO is now accepted as BIR-Approved Loose-Leaf for your manual books!

As a current subscriber, you have two options. One, stick with your existing subscription with its current features or two, simplify your life one notch higher by availing of the all new powerful Taxumo PRO. 

To give you a better idea on the next steps, should you decide to avail of the new Taxumo PRO and have your Taxumo PRO Reports accredited and approved by the BIR, the subscription fee you originally paid for will be deducted from the Php 12,000 December promo, and so you will only receive an invoice with the price less of the old Taxumo PRO subscription fee.

You could just request for an invoice from or

Once you have settled the payment, we will be adding 12 month FREE on top of your current Taxumo PRO subscription duration, and you could then apply to have your Taxumo PRO Books approved by the BIR!

To know more about the steps on the BIR Loose Leaf Accreditation, visit

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