I have signed up to Taxumo. What do I do now?

The Create button is grey!

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Once inside the system, 

Step 1: Go to SETTINGS. Double check the information that you have entered. Read more here: https://www.taxumo.com/blog/how-tos-setting-up-your-company-information

Step 2: Go to CASH FLOW. Start entering your income and expenses for the period being reported. Click on the respective button to enter either an income or expense.

*Note: Click on the SHOW FILTER button to show the entries that you have encoded.

Also, guess what, a real time tax calculator works on the back-end and automatically updates your tax dues in REAL TIME for each tax type applicable to your case. You can see the updated tax dues in the TAX DUES tab.

Step 3: Go to the TAX DUES tab to file a form. When you're ready to file, click on the "FILE NOW" button that corresponds to the tax form & period you are filing. It's right beside its respective real time calculated tax dues.

Step 4: Proceed with payment and you're done with your filing. Check out the different payment channels that are available. The earlier you file and pay, the better. Some channels/gateways close a few days before the Taxumo deadline.

And you're done! Next steps are all with us! 

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