When uploading your income/expenses in bulk, you may encounter some issues that don't allow you to proceed.

Here are some common checks that you can do:

  1. Are you using the updated template? Find out where to get the updated upload template here.
  2. Did you save it as a CSV (comma separated values) file? You may have saved the template in the format specific to the spreadsheet application you are using. Make sure you save it in CSV format.
  3. Did you use the correct date format? If you didn't get any error message but you don't see your income/expenses, you may have been using an incorrect date format. To verify, check the other months to see if your income/expense was saved there.
  4. Are you using existing categories? You have to make sure you use the categories that exist in your Taxumo account. You can check which ones exist by logging on to Taxumo and going here. Do note that you need to make sure that you're using the correct uppercase/lowercase letters as well as this field is case sensitive.

If you're still encountering any issues, please do contact us via the chat button and send us a copy of your upload file.

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