EDIT: We received a lot of requests asking for help regarding this and saw that this is a major stressor right now. So to help users file their 2017 Annual ITR that was due last April 16, 2018, we are opening a new service to do so. It will be a late filing so we'll include the penalty computations as well. If you're interested, send us a note via the chat button and someone will get back to you to help you file your Annual ITR.


We only had a limited number of slots for the 2017 Annual ITR filing and they were all filled up last year. Unfortunately, we're not able to take on more 2017 Annual ITR filings at this time.

If you are an active Taxumo user, however, you will be the first to know about our 1701 filing for 2018 (due on April 2019). Either we have limited slots again like this year OR we may be able to help more people if our plans work out.

Never the less, you can use Taxumo to file your Quarterly Income Tax and your Quarterly Percentage Tax (among other forms we'll be rolling out this year). So try Taxumo out now. :)

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