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Percentage Tax Filings (2551M / 2551Q)
Percentage Tax Filings (2551M / 2551Q)

It's quarterly now!

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The BIR has recently released an advisory stating that percentage taxes are now to be paid quarterly via the 2551Q form. 

Taxumo has removed the 2551M (monthly) functionalities and has replaced it with 2551Q (quarterly).

For our users who have previously paid their January 2551M filings, please note that Taxumo will refund the tax amount you've paid for your January 2018 Percentage Tax from the tax amount payable in your 1st Quarter Percentage Tax Return. We've also coordinated with the BIR and placed processes in place to ensure there is no confusion regarding this.

Thank you for your understanding as we support the government in this painful but, ultimately, productive transition.

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