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How to Reset Your Password

How to reset your password

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Resetting your password is easy and straightforward in Taxumo;

Step 1. Go to the Forgot Password Screen.
​Step 2. Enter your email in the space provided.

Step 3. Click on Send Verification Code. You will receive a code in the email address you specific. The view will also change to indicate the following:

Step 4. Check your email and you should receive an email from Microsoft on behalf of Taxumo App ( with a verification code.

Step 5. Enter this verification code in the space provided then click on Verify Code. The view will then change:

Step 6. Click on Continue, the page will load for a brief moment and will display the following updated view:

Step 7. Change your password by entering a new password and then retyping the password. Please note that your password must contain at least:

  • 1 Uppercase Character

  • 1 Lowercase Character

  • 1 Number

  • 1 Symbol (e.g. #, %, $, etc)

Step 8. Press Continue.

Step 9. You may now sign in using your new password.

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