How to File an Amendment

How to "refile" your tax submissions to include some last minute transactions and corrections

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There are times when, in a rush to meet the deadlines, we forget to enter some income or expenses. Other times, it's just a plain old typo. How do you correct your tax form if you've already submitted it via Taxumo?

That corrected form is called an amendment. And, yes, you can file amendments through Taxumo as well!

If you see the real time tax calculator for the filing + period in question, that means there is an amendment that we recommend you submit. Simply click on the CTA/button and you'll be taken to the Form Submission View - the details of the previous submission (inc how much was paid in the previous one) is carried over to this new filing.

If it does NOT appear, that means there is no change to the details from the previous filing made so no need to submit an amendment.

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