The "safest" way to ensure that you are opting in to 8% properly, we recommend you do the following:

1. Make sure you select an ATC that has an 8% Code in your Company Profile

There are three options for 8%: II015, II016 or II017. Choose which one applies best to your current scenario/business case.

2. Make sure you select 2551Q in the Forms You are Filing Section:

3. Make sure you FILE 2551Q for the first quarter (either it's Q1 or the very quarter you have to file for aka the quarter you got registered). Taxumo will create a zero due tax filing for you as long as you've chosen 8%.

4. Afterwards, you'll file normally. Which means filing your 1701Qs when they're due. Taxumo will choose the proper option to indicate your 8% opt in.

And that's it!

The conversion to 8% has been a pretty confusing process. To be fair, the BIR had to basically cascade a nationwide process in a few months to a decentralized agency so a degree of confusion is forgiveable.

Of course, the challenge here is that the confusion is where the "worms" start coming out and eating at our wallet. So this is the safest/surest way to ensure maximum protection against said "worms."

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