First of all, you have to make sure you've completed your company profile. Until you've done so, you won't see the tax filing due cards used to file your tax submissions.

Afterwards, enter all the income, expenses, and withheld taxes relevant to the period you want to file.

Once done, simply press the respective FILE button:

Make sure you're filing "Quarterly Income" for the correct quarter!

Upon pressing, you may be presented with the following fields:

For the answers to each field, please follow these links:

Excess Credits From Previous Year's 1701:
What do I put in the "Excess credits from previous year's 1701?"

Taxable Income from Previous Quarters:
What do I put in the "Taxable Income From Previous Quarters" field?

Income Tax Payments paid since start of the year:
What do I put in the "Income Tax Payments Paid Since Start of the Year" field?

Tax Withheld For Previous Quarters:
What do I put in the "Tax Withheld for Previous Quarters" field?

Once done, press PROCEED.

You will be taken to the preview screen where you'll see the data pertinent to your tax filing and how the tax dues were computed.

Simply select the payment method with which you want to pay your tax filing and the processing fees.

Note that if this is a late filing (done after the Taxumo deadline), then the penalties are computed by Taxumo as well. Your filing will be submitted in the next batch that will be sent to the BIR.

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